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When lamenting the lack of females honored by this year’s major National Magazine Awards , we got into a conversation about the dearth of high quality women’s (print) magazines out there. This wasn’t constantly the case, according to Jennifer Scanlon, the author of Undesirable Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown In the early twentieth century, women’s magazines featured not only ‘serious’ fiction but also nonfiction, poetry and art,” Scanlon says in an e mail. The analysis sought to figure out what women’s magazines published about depression in between 1980 and 2000.

As ASME chief executive Sid Holt has previously said , there’s no men’s category—that’s not the way the magazine company performs, as a trip to any newsstand will show—and men’s magazines compete against other magazines in the identical category for readers and advertisers.” But provided the inability of women’s magazines to compete in the much more broadly prestigious categories, it seems like separate is not equal.

When my pal Crystal visits The States from Australia I ask her to bring me Australian magazines and two years back she brought me Frankie. The more I read about 1940s fashion, the much more interested I became in its fascinating backstory. The modern day women’s bodybuilding contests are largely responsible for turning people off of female bodybuilding.

I wore numerous of these clothing types, Dolores, so your lovely hub gave me an acute case of deja vu. Considering that I wore women’s business suits for operate, I specifically remember the really wide padded shoulders that created one appear as if the hangar have been still inside the jacket. Although this did happen, folks of color-such as Asian, Latino and African American- are nevertheless underrepresented in magazines.

What I hadn’t recognized was how much 1940s fashion was shaped by the acute pressures of wartime rationing. These illustrations had been typically done for covers and stories for such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Women’s Home Companion, Cosmopolitan, and Ladies House Journal. All of these contribute to a sense of nicely becoming and assist minimize negative physique image problems. It can be argued that the readers of magazines today resemble members of a religion or cult. It is very sad that people do not understand the ladies seen in magazines and other media are not best. She was in no way bulky, had a smooth 20% fat layer to her body and graceful toned legs.