Marriage Preparation: 6 Mistakes to Avoid It!

In preparation for the wedding, it will be a lot of things that need to be prepared. In addition to physical preparation which will be draining, the wedding procession will also make you have to prepare for the real things procession behind the reception. The wedding preparations it should you want ahead of time before the implementation time arrives. From the planning of this there could be a few things on the implementation of planning a wedding is wrong or not realized according to the plan, for precisely wedding plan you can see in

If you do not do the planning. So how did the mistakes that are often not realized and failed in planning this wedding?

  1. Ordered Before Making The Guest List

The first error in the form of marriage preparation is booked wedding hall before creating a guest list that clear. Of course this is very risky and potentially make your wedding will turn out to be chaotic. To make the guests more comfortable when reception took place is certainly a sufficient and appropriate capacity is a matter that must be met. Lest you rush reserve a place, but the number of guests you invite turned out to exceed the capacity of the place. Of course this will make guests uncomfortable being in a place so crowded. And ultimately this will backfire on your own.

Conversely, if you have booked a place that turned out to be the number of guests you invite it turned out a little, of course it will hurt you. Therefore you must first write and determine the number of guests you want to invite before deciding where you would wear. With this then you will make guests more comfortable and the wedding reception will run better and successful.

  1. Too Hasty Determining Wedding Concepts

Wedding party theme or concept is something that awaited the invited guests. In determining the concept of marriage is you have to plan and discussion with ripe with potential partner and your family as well as your in-laws family. It may be that there will be some differences desired by couples or families about the concept of marriage is. When this is the case, then do a good discussion in order to define and agree together about the concept of marriage to be held. With the existence of this agreement then your wedding will have a chance to run smoothly and successfully due to the support of many parties.

  1. Forgetting Important Marriage Documents

In a wedding, the document things that must be fulfilled. Some documents such as ID cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses and other woods are several requirements that must be met to authorize the marriage with your partner. Unfortunately, some of the few people who forget to take care careless with the document or create a document is missing. They are too focused on the organization of the wedding organizer to prepare Your forgotten documents of requirements.

  1. Too Hasty Hiring Wedding Gown

Wedding dress is something that must be charged bride at the reception. So no wonder if a lot of the bride who is preparing her wedding dress desire to always hire a long time ago. Factors limited availability is the reason why they want to fittings and lease it long ago. Though bridal gown is clothing that must be worn correctly and fit according to your body. While we know for yourself that our bodies are not always the same every time. There are times when a sector in body weight down but it could be climbed. Well, when you rent a dress with a future away from the day -H, what if there is a change in body shape yourself? of course it will hurt you. Therefore you should rent a dress in the days before the time of execution, so that the fitting process fits perfectly with when you really have to wear at a wedding reception.

  1. Over Dieting and Over Treatment

Have a good body when a wedding reception is going to make the bride and groom will have a high confidence. So no wonder if many brides especially the bride on a diet or doing treatment on his body to look good when the D-day. You indeed legitimate to do this. But you have to remember to do the diet and treatment, you have to keep control. You can not do it excessively or over. Treat Excessive against the body is not likely to make you even ill at the time of the reception took place.

  1. Too Frugality

You indeed legitimate organize a wedding reception with a simple and frugal. But did you know in an event let alone a wedding, you can not budgeted too low or just right. You have to exaggerate funds for some post mainly for consumption. You might be able to get the number of guests invited to come, but who can tell if they come together with children or their relatives. When this happens it most likely could you anticipate is to provide more funds primarily for consumption when there were many guests who exceed the data invitation.

Minimize Errors

Minimize errors when the wedding preparations to avoid some of the points above, you chances of organizing the wedding party will be able to smoothly open and realized successfully. For it is important for you to record in detail what you really need in preparing for the wedding procession. Make a list and mark any items that have been or have not been purchased.