Ladies, Want to Know the Key to Maintaining a Relationship?

Articles in magazines or the internet contains a lot of advice about the key to developing and maintaining relationships. But, ladies, the actual primary key of building up and maintaining that relationship is actually very simple.

Be happy.

Yes. Be happy. Not ‘Make him happy’, but ‘Be happy’. That is, make yourself happy and not make him happy!

Starting from the fact that he was a simple creature, then the key to creating and maintaining that relationship so simple too. For a loan, you can get tips on

Basically, he was being a fighter. Is the nature of men to fight for the happiness of the people he loved. Thus, the definition of a successful man is: see the people he loves happy. Then the definition fails to man is: see the people he loves unhappy.

Error women in general are failing to express their happiness. For example, when a date. Actually overall dating to walk very fun, but at the beginning of dating, girlfriend late pick-up, then you grumble all the way. During dinner, in the midst of good food, you bring up mistakes guy this afternoon, last night, a week ago, then complained again. Then after the home directly into the house and sleep without saying anything.

Ladies, in ways like this: complain, grumble, angry, indifferent, let alone cry – will not take your relationship for the better. In fact, he will feel like a failure, then your relationship even ruined because he finds another woman more can be made happy.

So, be happy. When you picked up, come up to the car with a sweet smile. If he was late due to traffic, says, “Loss yes dear? Thank you, yes, you already want to pick me though really jammed. We eat yuk you must already hungry. “If he was late because overslept, say,” Thank ya you already want to pick even if you are so tired today. “Then continue with jokes and laughter you. Guaranteed, you will be more diligent guy pick you because he knows, if he get you, he will hear the praise (thanks), jokes and laughter you are tunable. MEN’S VERY CRAZY PRAISE. Imagine. You yourself certainly lazy told to pick someone whose work grumpy, grumble and do not appreciate what you did for her. Moreover boyfriend?

A happy woman is a happy man.

The happiness of a man can be seen in pairs of female happiness. That’s why ladies, after a date, try to show how happy you are that day. Sweet smile and say, “I am very happy today to see you. Thank you. It was fun. “Although the food is not good, try to laugh and say,” That food is not so good, but because eating with you, to be like eating at a five star hotel. Thank you, dear. “If you watch a good movie, trying to praise him,” Honey, a good film. Thanks for beliin ticket, yes. I really enjoy watching it. “

Keep the face he saw at the beginning and at the end of a date is a cheerful face and your sweet smile. Even in the middle of a date no problem, try to finish first, and then again with a sweet smile – so later before bed at night, who remember vividly is how sweet and beautiful you that day.

Therefore, ladies: be happy.

A happy woman is a beautiful woman.

Being with a beautiful woman makes a man happy.

Therefore, a happy woman is a happy man!