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Mindful Speaking Proper communicating consists of two important components. The two components are the speaker and the listener. Mindful communication then means that we are mindful to speak as well as mindful to listen. The discussion below will be focused on mindful speaking. when we speak mindfully, we are focused on what we want to say and drop everything else we are doing. You should speak with eye contact on the listener. You should not assume anything when you are speaking to someone.
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Instead of making assumptions that you know something, it is always a good idea to clarify what the listener already knows. It is then easier to tailor your speech to what is relevant him. If you are a listener and you are unsure about something, you should clarify and verify it with the speaker first. Misunderstanding can result from making unnecessary assumptions.
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Before speaking, make sure you pass the triple filter step. If you want to say something, make sure you have thought well about it. Socrates’ Triple Filter test is a good way to reflect on what you want to say. Truth is the first filter. Is what you say true? Do not say it if it is not true. Even if what you will say is true, you still need to filter it to the next level. The second filter is goodness. when something is good, it must be beneficial to the listener. If the things you will say will not be good or beneficial to the personal then better keep it to yourself. If the thing you will say is true and good, it still needs to pass the final test. The filter of appropriateness is the last and final filter. Check whether it is the appropriate time, place, and person to say that things. Passing the tripe filter test means that you have saying something true, good, and appropriate and you have not evil motive in doing so. There are things that you should be mindful of when speaking. Being mindful means noticing that the words you speak are appropriate and accurately sending the message you want to send. Make sure that tone is right for what you want to say. What type of tone do you have – friendly, warm or hostile? Are you criticizing or judging? Body language, gestures, and posture is something you should be mindful of too. Just remember that it is always more welcoming to listen to a friendly speech than a harsh speech, and the listener is more likely to be receptive to it. Just keep on practicing these steps and you will soon find yourself being consciously mindful of all the things mentioned above. Being mindful of the way we talk to others is important to have a strong relationships, transformed in a positive way.